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// Drone Model

EU Drone
UAV technology from Bremen

he HAD SOL GmbH is working on a model drone what the international market, not drones immensely umkrempeln to enrich but maximum. Technologically, China and Japan dominate the drone market and, with their innovative technological approaches, keep giving new impetus to the discussion about the applicability and efficiency of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). For the HAD SOL GmbH this has been the go-ahead to participate in the discussion. EU Drone is the draft and contribution of HAD SOL GmbH on the innovations of the flourishing drone market at the European level. This underpins our corporate guiding principle of merging core competencies from IT and engineering, in short: ENGINEERING IT.

The idea of ​​developing a German drone that, based on standardized performance requirements, can be modularly expanded depending on the requirement area, forms the starting point for us to rethink the possibilities of drones in the B2B business and to sharpen the vision. Our drone will be completely focused on the challenges of the European market and deserve the label “Made in Germany” not only because of the production in Germany but also because of the immense quality demands that we place on our product.

// Why German drone

Design the Concept
Lead It to Achieve Success

Due to the requirements in the core areas of agriculture, industry, infrastructure and logistics, HAD SOL GmbH has set itself the goal of ensuring the greatest possible stability of the drone body and ensuring longevity. Parts that are subject to technical change and continue to develop as a result of progress can be easily readjusted. Expensive hardware is sustainably protected by the drone’s framework concept and can survive the toughest fall damage from a great height.

Furthermore, our experience with alternative building materials in the development of drones is already a success and underpins the concept idea. At the same time, we are working on better software and other product innovations related to drones. For this reason, we do not want to omit a little insight into the processes of our work.

That is why we proudly present you with our first prototype. We think: not bad to start with. What do you think?

// We Carry more Than Just Good Coding Skills

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